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Moon Sign Predictions - 2014


Don't let yourselves feel inferior to your colleagues at your workplace. Distant travelling will bring you all luck in terms of money and job. You may relieved of debts which will bring your mind a great amount of calmness from external agitations. more>>


Get ready with a nice tour plan as this month you will be playing the role of a pilgrim along with your family members. Victory is all your in any kind of court issues. You will be inclined towards spirituality this month. more>>


This month, you will see mixed results for your endeavors. You may plan to purchase land or jewellery this month. Your health is all well this month. Distant travelling may bring you luck. Try to avoid issues related to property. more>>


You have a good health this month. Though you may be leading a mechanical life, you will witness a great deal of success in travelling, business, etc. You may feel stress due to excess travelling but it's all for good. more>>


It's a happy time again. You may be busy buying jewellery this month. Issues like opposition from partners, relatives, ill-health of older people of your family may be worrying you but rest all is quite fine. Take care if you are travelling to distant places. more>>


Do not interfere in others' activities. Avoid discussion with women. You may be pressurized by your superiors and you may lose sense of thought. This may lead to temporary tension. But you can manage the situation with your will. more>>


You may have to relocate in connection to being promoted or acquiring a high rank in the society. So just set all your plans and get ready to get what you deserve and celebrate the occasion. A very good time for you and your family members. A financially beneficial month. more>>


A very good time for you turn all your plans into actions as the planetary movements are quite favorable to you. You may get a very good support from your friends, siblings, relatives, and from every one of your contacts. But be a little bit attentive as careless steps may leave you with pitfalls. Also be careful while spending money. more>>


Watch out while turning your plans into actions. A little bit unfavorable time for you. Your health, business, relations and every minute activity and relation demands a great attention from you. Beware of debtors and make sure you clear off your debts on time to prevent yourself from unforeseen situations. more>>


In the beginning of this month, you may be travelling to distant places causing you a little bit of discomfort. But it is for your benefit so you do not need to worry about it at all. You will have a good time in taking crucial decisions with your family members. You may participate in some auspicious occasions. You need to take care of your health. more>>


Pressure tests your mettle most of the times. You need to be very attentive while dealing with your spouse, your superiors at work, your friends and relatives as the planetary positions are a bit unfavorable. Remember that your spouse will always prove to be your greatest strength if dealt with in a wise manner. more>>


You may experience a temporary or permanent relocation this month in addition to travelling to pilgrim places which has been your wish for a long time. This requires your attention towards your health. With an increasing societal status and long lasting relationships, you will succeed and experience good times ahead. more>>

Telugu Calendar-2014



  • 14-Bhogi
  • 15-Sankranti
  • 16-Kanuma
  • 26-Republic Day

  • February
  • 4-Sri Panchami
  • 6-Ratha Sapthami
  • 27-Maha Sivarathri

  • March
  • 16-Holi
  • 31-Ugadi (Sri Jaya Naama Samvatsara)

  • April
  • 4-Vasantha Panchami
  • 8-Sreerama Navami
  • 18-Good Friday

  • May
  • 23-Hanumajjayanthi

  • June
  • 29-Ramzan Month Start

  • July
  • 29-Ramzan
  • 31-Garuda Panchami

  • August
  • 8-Varalakshmi Vratam
  • 10-Raakhi
  • 15-Independence Day
  • 17-Sri Krishnashtami
  • 23-Sani Trayodasi
  • 29-Vinayaka Chavithi

  • September
  • 5-Teachers Day
  • 17-Sri Viswakarma Jayanthi

  • October
  • 2-Gandhi Jayanthi
  • 2-Durgashtami
  • 3-Vijaya Dasami
  • 5-Bakreed
  • 23-Deepavali
  • 24-Karthika Maasam Start
  • 27-Nagula Chavithi

  • November
  • 4-Moharram
  • 6-Karthika Pournami
  • 14-Children's Day

  • December
  • 20-Sani Trayodasi
  • 25-Christmas


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